"Chris carried out a Profit Maximisation Check on my business and I was impressed by the amount of work he put in to present me with an indepth analysis of our current situation.

The extent of his documentation was impressive, yet it was all presented in an easy to understand format with both graphs and comments.

I would recommend any business owner to engage Chris with a Profit Maximisation Check because it would give you a real insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your business". 

Peter McKaskell
Managing Director
Amazing Websites

"Before meeting with Chris I didn't know what was going wrong with my business and I wasn't getting the results I wanted.

The Profit Maximisation Check helped me identify everything I had neglected to do. It was pretty overwhelming not knowing what was going wrong beforehand. The Profit Maximisation Check helped me figure out what I had been doing right and could give myself credit for, what I could work on right away and where I needed help from other professionals to start getting the results I wanted.

Chris connected me with the right people to solve the issues I was facing. Doing this sort of big picture thinking is difficult but Chris helps you do the thinking and get the important things down with a plan of attack.

I found it really effective and can recommend it to anyone whatever stage your business is in.

Chris is an expert at uncovering what you haven't noticed, the barrier between your success and failure".

Isaac Tanner-Dempsey
Managing Director
IZ Design



"I really enjoyed Chris giving me an in-depth insight into my business. I highly recommend his Profit Maximisation Check!"

Tess O'Toole 
Managing Director
BodyCentral Clinical Massage Therapy


"Our company had a strategic plan developed for us as a result of going through the one-on-one workshops with Strategic Management NZ Ltd. 

Following a comprehensive view of the state of the business in the 'Profit Maximisation Check', the workshops allowed us to harness our strengths and build on our weaknesses by taking an in-depth look at our environment not just within our organisation, but our market, industry and operating environment. 

We are now sure of the path we are heading in with the strategic plan encompassing a clear vision, strategic pillars, objectives to be achieved by the end of the planning period, and the day-to-day tasks that need to be completed in order to achieve these objectives being mapped out for us with clear responsibilities and deadlines. 

Having not really believed in the need for a long-term strategy, I am now convinced that it is the way to go for any business owner. The workshops are employee centred and allows for the opportunity for everyone in the organisation to get on the same page in terms of the direction that you want your business to head in. 

I highly recommend not only the 'Profit Maximisation Check' but the strategic planning workshops as well. A simple yet effective way of developing a clear framework."

Mary Macharper
Managing Director
Zealand Solutions

"After five years in business I am very aware of how critical to the success of an organisation having a detailed strategic plan in place is. 

Since taking on Chris to work through this with my new business, we have developed our core values and details of where we want the business to be in five years. 

I found with my first business that although I always planned to do it, it never happened. Having Chris drive the process and keep me accountable is proving to be worth its weight in gold and also provides timelines and clarity to all tasks required to achieve each step."

Chad Carter
Managing Director
Super Me Superfoods


"I found my consultation with Chris provided insight and clarity as to where we are heading as a business. It was also very beneficial to see where it is best to start implementing strategies to get the end results desired. 

I look forward to working with Chris further on this in the future".

Christine Tucker
Managing Director
Intros Bespoke Matchmaking and Introduction Agency