NZC Milo

New Zealand Cricket

Cricket has long been known as New Zealand’s summer game, but in the last decade our national cricketing body has had to review its structures as it competes against emerging sports.

While working for New Zealand Cricket, Chris’ role was to enrol more children in cricketing programmes across the country by promoting the game in primary and secondary schools.

Achieving this goal required big picture thinking and strategic planning,  working through each step in every school in every region.

The strategic plan focused on the seven R’s: Research, Recognition, Recruitment, Retention, Restructuring, Resourcing and Review. Each stage of the strategic plan had its own focus points, and after devising the plan Chris’ role was ensuring each step was followed.

Each year from from 2007 through to 2011, 100,000 primary and secondary aged kids were put through awareness and recruitment plans in their school or community. He ran teacher training sessions and brought Black Cap players along to boost the sport’s popularity.

On average New Zealand Cricket enjoyed a 10% retention rate from the awareness and recruitment programmes, which boosted participation in the Milo Have-A-Go and Kiwi Cricket Programmes. Thanks to proper strategic planning and management, in four years national participation in these programmes grew from 8000 to 11,000.


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