Chris' passion for strategic management grew from his love of sport and encouraging others to get active.

While completing his studies at the University of Canterbury, Chris landed a position at New Zealand Cricket to promote the game to young Kiwis, while working with district associations and cricket clubs around the country on their governance and operations.

The overall goal was to see more young Kiwis play cricket across New Zealand, and they achieved that goal by taking small, practical steps with each school, cricket club and association around the country.

During Chris’ time with New Zealand Cricket, they became world sporting leaders in strategic management, running health checks and assisting clubs and associations to form their own governance plans.

In 2011 Chris joined the International Cricket Council, developing and implementing strategy to grow the sport across it’s 95 associate and affiliate member countries. In most of these nations cricket is a minority sport, but as a direct result of Chris’ strategic planning, global participation grew from 500,000 to 1.4 million in just four years.

These big results for the ICC were usually achieved with minimal budgets, which goes to show that with proper strategic planning and execution, just about anything is possible.

With Strategic Management NZ, Chris Ferguson’s mission is to provide small businesses the functionality of big business, within a small business budget. He can cater for any industry and build a plan around your goals.

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