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New Zealand Cricket

Cricket has long been known as New Zealand’s summer game, but in the last decade our national cricketing body has had to review its structures as it competes against emerging sports.

While working for New Zealand Cricket, Chris’ role was to enrol more children in cricketing programmes across the country by promoting the game in primary and secondary schools.

Achieving this goal required big picture thinking and strategic planning, while working through each step in every school in every region.


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International Cricket Council

There are national cricketing bodies in 105 of the world’s 194 nations, and a large development programme is in place to grow the game in the 95 nations who do not participate in Test Match Cricket.

While working for the International Cricket Council, Chris advised sub-committees on developing a global development strategy to “Build a Bigger, Better, Global Game” that encouraged more people around the world to take up the sport.


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Japan Cricket Association

Following the devastating tsunami which struck the north-east coast of Honshu in March 2011, Chris helped found a Japanese charity called Cricket for Smiles. The aim was to promote cricket in the affected regions of the country as a means to enrich lives and help rebuild communities.

The original aim was to introduce 20,000 children in and around Honshu to cricket, and donate 200 sets of equipment. In order to achieve this, the Japan Cricket Association underwent a complete strategic overhaul to incorporate Cricket for Smiles into the ICC’s strategic management plan.


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